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What's in the Box!?


SMALL BATCH GIN (200ml, 40% ALC)

FarmDog Signature Gin has a lively, floral aroma with generous notes of citrus. It has a smooth mouth feel with upfront hints of cardamon spice. The subtle bitterness lingers on the tongue and is lengthened with deep liquorice tones.


PANDAN GIN (200ml, 40% ALC)

FarmDog Pandan Gin has a deep vanilla aroma that continues throughout the tasting experience. A burst of citrus hits the palate and then slowly dissipates with the smooth nuttiness of the pandan leaf.


CHRISTMAS GIN (200ml, 40% ALC)

FarmDog Christmas Spiced Gin combines all of the magical Christmasy flavours we love into a gin! It has a sweet aroma with upfront tones of cinnamon and nutmeg.



You'll find a trio of dried citrus fruits to enjoy with your FarmDog gin!



FarmDog Medley Tasting Box

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